Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Thank you Lord that I still get to eat and drink good food.

"Torture: A pervasive reality in the country"
Thank you Lord that I am safe and surrounded by great friends.

"3 hurt in 7-vehicle smashup at Skyway"
Thank you Lord that I still get to travel safely.

"Iraq: Cholera cases near 500"
Thank you Lord that I'm healthy.

"Poverty, hunger prevent Filipino kids from getting basic education"
Thank you Lord that we never run out of food in our table. Thank you Lord that my siblings, cousins and relatives are still able to go to school.

"Beheading brings more fear to kin of OFWs on Saudi death row"
Thank you Lord that my family abroad are safe and healthy.

"23 Are Charged With Illegal Sports Betting at Borgata Casino"
Thank you Lord that I still see families enjoying a day at the park. Thank you that we don't have to spend so much money in exchange of fun and laughter. Thank you Lord that we are contented with what we have.

Death Toll in South Asia Floods Crosses 1,100 Mark
Thank you Lord that you have kept us safe whenever natural calamities happen. Thank you Lord that through these events, we realized our mistakes and draw closer to you.

"Hope North To Benefit From Celebrity Clothes Auction"
Thank you Lord for people who knows how to extend help to the needy.

"Group Suicide Becomes Frightening Trend in Japan"
Thank you Lord that you have taught me to value life and that there is always hope because I have a loving and gracious God.

When we turn on our television sets and listen to the news, it seems that there aren't any good news anymore. If it's not about the economic crisis, it's about war. If it's not about natural disasters, it's about death. If it's not about corruption, it's about other people's lives..

We hear complaints, we see tears, we feel anger.

When we turn on our television sets and listen to the news, it seems that there are a lot of opportunities where God can work. If it's not on giving us the best job we have been waiting for, it's on allowing us to love others more. If it's not on making us survive disasters and testify His goodness, it's on rejoicing that we are soon going to be with Him in paradise with no more tears. If it's not on blessing our leaders to help and guide the people better, it's on blessing the simplest person and bringing joy and comfort to the lost.

We hear thanksgiving, we see smiles, we feel love.

thank you Lord Ü ☻ ♥


Anonymous said...

beautifully ruminated...truly, God is good all the time. these tragic headlines show to remind us of our misdeeds - it is the human action that leads to our doom and not the will of God.

yet, there are more things that we should be grateful of despite the ordeal of the world and one of these is the fact that the Good Lord is always there to protect us.

Godbless you always kris =)

tijel said...

yes, I posted this entry to encourage and awaken others that there's still hope and there are a lot of things to be grateful for..we just need to look at the brighter side :)
Godblessyou too!

jacob said...

hi, uo nga tama ka, God is good tlga...

Kahit sa mga simpleng bagay we should give tnx to HIM.

Tnx you 4 the post it helps remind me... Keep on posting uhmm visit2 lng aq..

Yun lng halung lagi, and GBU ^_~

tijel said...

thanks jacob..It's nice to know you are blessed and reminded by God's faithfulness :)
ingat dn!

jigs said...

wow! truly God is very good to us. dapat magpasalamat tau in any ways that we have right in this moment. minsan we think life is unfair pero as we look into other lives makakasabi tayo na we are blessed. ehehehe nice blog keep it up!


salamat gid sa pagbisita sa akong payag. ehehe nalipay gyud ko oi. ehehehe. ayo-ayo!