Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vday!! love love love :)

Sunday morning, Valentine's day..I'm excited to celebrate the day with the One who loves me more than anybody else. He always takes care of me, He is my joy, my comforter, my life. So I first spent the day praising Him and thanking Him for all blessings He has given me.

As I was pondering about the importance of heart's day, I realized that God has a deep and great love for us all. I couldn't count the wrong things I've done, I couldn't imagine the sins I have committed and will still commit in all my life..but what I saw is God's loving arms ready to embrace me no matter how big my mistakes are. I felt God's great love and I know I am never alone..and I also have to share this wonderful opportunity to others. For them to know deep in their hearts that there is someone, someone greater than anything else, who will love them unconditionally.

Thank you God for your love for me ♥ iloveyou..