Monday, January 14, 2008

I am Legend

It is the year 2012. In the ruins of New York city. Robert Neville, a scientist, is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City and perhaps the world. 3 years ago, a cure for supposed to be cure for cancer was discovered but became a biochemical disease. For three years, Neville has faithfully sent out daily radio messages, desperate to find any other survivors who might be out there. But he is not alone. Together with his dog, Samantha, Neville's every move is watched by blood thirsty zombies, the victims of the plague -- The Infected -- who lurk in the shadows. Neville is driven by only one remaining mission: to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood. But he knows he is outnumbered... and quickly running out of time.

The story of this movie is really very interesting. Really nice movie. I can't find the right words to describe it. It was terrifying, yet inspiring. Sad, yet victorious. Hopeless, yet full of faith.
The story taught me to hope, to listen, to believe, to have faith, to persevere, to trust and to be determined.
Great Movie. I recommend you watch it and prepare for a heart-pounding, yet heart-warming story.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Imagine Me Without You

As long as stars shine down from heaven
And the rivers run into the sea
Til the end of time forever
You’re the only love I’ll need

In my life you’re all that matters
In my eyes the only truth I see
When my hopes and dreams have shattered
You’re the one that’s there for me

When I found you I was blessed
And I will never leave you, I need you

Imagine me without you
I’d be lost and so confused
I wouldn’t last a day, I’d be afraid
Without you there to see me through

Imagine me without you
Lord, you know it’s just impossible
Because of you, it’s all brand new
My life is now worthwhile
I can’t imagine me without you

When you caught me I was falling
You’re love lifted me back on my feet
It was like you heard me calling
And you rush to set me free


The song above is by Jaci Velasquez. I love the lyrics of the song because it tells us our dependence to God and that we are nothing without Him in our lives.

Lord, I can't imagine me without You
I don't want to be far from You
always draw me near
into your loving arms
Life won't be complete without You

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's year 2008!!! We had a blast! lots of food and fireworks wohoo!!!! I really enjoyed celebrating New Year's Eve with my family.
We had our family devotion after lunch on the 31st because my brother is going back to the city. He wasn't able to spend new year's eve with us because of his work. Anyway, I called him at 12 midnight so we could greet him a happy new year.
There were lots of fireworks and firecrackers from our neighbors too. Our table was also full, my stomach was about to burst because I couldn't stop eating!!! bad bad me.
Me and my sister slept at around 2am already. We texted my mom's friend from a radio station so she could greet us on air!hehehe :)
My little brother woke me up at 9am to eat breakfast. It's year 2008, I was thinking what memorable things I could do to remember the first day of the year.
Well after breakfast, I washed the plates and took a bath because my mom's cousin and her husband just arrived. They were massage experts and they are blind. They are a blessed couple, though they are handicapped, God has given them special skills to inspire others. My aunt is even pregnant with their 2nd baby, so adorable. Oh how I long to have a whole-body massage. I went to the market to buy "pao de arco," but most stalls are closed. Good thing I found one drugstore open. My boyfriend fetched me at the drugstore, so I encouraged him to have a massage too. He was thankful that i insisted ;)
The massage was perfect, I told my aunt that i'll visit her some time in their center. It was the best new year's gift ;)
After that, we went to my bf's house and ate lunch and a delicious chocolate cake! Then he had to pack his things because he still have work that night. After I accompanied him at the terminal, I went home to catch some sleep.
I couldn't touch water after the massage so our kitchen was quite messy until I woke up at 6pm to wash the dishes and clean the house.
I had to sleep early that night because I had to work the next day.
My new year was really great!
Year 2007 is now behind us and we have to look forward for all the things God has prepared for us this 2008. Let's thank God always and praise Him for His love and grace.