Thursday, September 4, 2008

My "things to do"

My friend, Amy, asked me to read her recent blog post "59 things" and persuaded me to write my own. Last night I watched the movie Bucket List to get some inspiration before I make my own list. The movie was very nice and I got what I was looking for. So now I'm making my own "things to do," things I hope I could make/fulfill while I'm alive and healthy. I don't have cancer, like the characters in the movie, and I'm definitely not dying -- at least I know not now hehe :)
Some are quite impossible, but let's see.

here goes my list.. (this is not in any order, I just write these things as it pops into my head)
I will try to update this list once in a while and cross out the things that I've already done ;)

1. Design a house, preferably my own
2. help build our church building
3. volunteer in any community service
4. make friends with a "special child"
5. kiss in the rain haha
6. go scuba diving
7. go on a cruise
8. visit Italy and France (this is actually to see the wonderful things Sir Ed Defensor showed us in our Humanities Class back in College)
9. Visit the places where Jesus has been to
10. Learn how to drive
11. ride a hot air balloon
12. watch a synchronized swimming contest live!
13. donate blood
14. go mountain climbing
15. try wall climbing and horseback riding
16. get a job abroad hehe (but i don't want to live in other countries)
17. have my own business
18. work in a bank (please Lord, please, I want to cross this out as soon as possible)
19. be a detective even once
20. learn any martial arts from a Chinese guru
21. learn and practice acupuncture and reflexology hehe
22. meditate on the mountains
23. ride a train
24. visit all tourists spots and popular beaches in Panay
25. Enter a castle
26. Visit all waterfalls in Barotac Viejo (there are 3 waterfalls open to visitors)
27. Initiate a long term project for our church
28. buy devotional bibles for bboy and me :D
29. Give flowers to my mom and lola
30. loose 10 lbs haha
31. buy a digital camera
33. help a child from the streets
34. learn to bake a cake and make ice cream
35. Plant a tree in our yard
36. Try target shooting
37. Visit Palawan, Bohol and Ifugao

..(to be continued)

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