Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For the First Time

I will not be talking about the movie here but my first time to solve the Rubik's cube.

Last Sunday, my godson, KM, went with us after the church service and he brought with him his rubik's cube. I am always interested in knowing how to solve this "magic cube" but I can't seem to understand instructions and videos from the internet hehe. I once asked a friend to teach me how but she was only successful in teaching me how to solve one face.

My sister knows how to solve the cube so I asked her to teach me how. At first I really can't figure out what she's talking about hehe but since I have a little knowledge on how to solve one face, I did it on my own way first. Then she taught me how to solve the layers one by one, it's a good thing she was patient with me.

But she doesn't have all the time to teach me because she'll be doing her thesis, so I stored all her instruction on my mind and left her alone doing her thesis. Sometime in the middle of twists and turns, I get lost, so I have to disturb her and ask for the patterns. It took me about 4 hours to learn and master the puzzle.

It was a nice feeling solving this crazy cube. Do you know that there are exactly 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possibilities to solve this cube??!!??!!?? I am so blessed I know 1 way of how to solve the rubik's cube wehehehe☻☺

For video tutorials of how to solve the cube, click here


totomel said...

before anything else, i would like to congratulate you for solving it. shame on me because until now, i havent figured out how to solve the two side even how patient my younger cousin in mentoring me. maybe it isn't my stuff afterall.hehehe. yet, i am not giving up..we never know, i could figure out a way out of the million combination you said. hehehe

cguro la lang ko pasensya.hehehe

shurikenstuff said...

Whoa, my brother bought that color cube and I gave up just after 15 seconds of try-out. I guess it wasnt my thing so congrats to you not only familiarizing with F Minors but cubes as well

tijel said...

wehehe thanks guys!!it was a great feeling solving that crazy thing :D

yes totomel, patience is really important..and determination too..just try and try ;)

shuriken ahaha sorry about that F minor ;) enjoy watching your movies :D

Mawe said...

hey, wazzaaaaaaapp!!! hahahaha.. nice yah, Kit! congrats on solving that cube... did you know that there are also 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 people who went crazy because they couldn't figure out how to solve this puzzle?

I am lucky that I was able to solve it, too! Now I'm trying to beat my time of 5 minutes.

tijel said...

hi nong thanks for the comment ;)
i now know 2 ways of solving it but i like the recent solution that my brother taught me :D
wow 5 min is fast..i'll practice more so I could beat your time hehehe