Sunday, October 8, 2006

I' m no superhero, though I once dreamed to be one. Having super powers is not the only requirement to become a superhero, as what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, "with great power comes great responsibilities." We all have our special powers, we may not notice it but each one of us has been given the power to love, to care and to help each other. We don't need to be like spideman to help others who are in need, we don't need to be like the incredibles to offer our helping hands to others. All we need to do is to share this little gift God has given to us and become a hero in our own little ways. We are responsible to God by how well we use these gifts that He has given us.
You might be wondering why im talking about this stuff. Well..nothing much, I just love the feeling of helping others, especially those you don't know and just feel that they need your help. I love helping people especially those that are close to me. But this morning while I was walking at around 7 am, God really made me so happy when I helped a little girl on her way to school. I don't want to narrate what really happened, but I just want to thank God that He made me a blessing to that little girl. As we parted our ways (me and the girl), God painted a smile on my face and that really made my day.
Now, see what I mean being a hero in our own little ways? All we need to do is to see Christ in other people and be sensitive to their needs, may it be a smile, a hug, a praise or even financial needs. Never cease helping others and loving God.

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Menehune Man said...

Yes we can be superheroes daily! Just by listening to God's prompting and giving a helping hand to those we meet. Love your Blog Tijel! Thanks for sharing. God Bless you and yours.