Sunday, May 2, 2010

A weekend at Sand Bar

Sandbar Beach Resort
Conception, Iloilo

A 3-hour ride from Iloilo City to the town of Conception plus a 30-minute boat ride to the island.
Sandbar resort has a long stretch of white sand bar and a crystal clear water perfect for swimming. Aside from this pictureque island, there are a number of other great islands with white sand beaches in Conception. You can go island hopping and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. This town is really blessed with great beaches, mountain formations and beautiful people.

Contact the resort owner if you wish to visit the island and coordinate with him about your transportation and cottage reservation. They are very accommodating and friendly so you don't need to worry about anything coz they'll make sure you will have a great time.


caustic said...

I've been obsessing for weeks where to take my foreigner boss when he visits a few months from now. I've been looking at so many places and still not sure. Perhaps Iloilo is a good option then. That's a pretty looking beach :)

tijel said...

Hi Caustic..yes there are a lot of nice beaches in Iloilo, but they are mostly located hours from the city. There are always nice beaches/resorts in Guimaras, the island is about 15 min away from the city.