Monday, July 6, 2009

An Inspiring Read

I just finished reading a great book by William P. Young called "The Shack." It was the best book I've ever read. I was so blessed that i was able to read the book. It was nothing I expected it to be. It's really a heart-warming and enlightening story for me. I spent nights shedding tears while reading this book. I was overwhelmed by how God has been revealed in the story and by how great His love is for people like us. There was never a dull moment for me reading this book. One of the things I learned here is that we can't understand everything that's happening in our lives, but we only need to trust God that He is carefully knitting the threads of our lives into a perfect piece. God never expects us to be like Him, actually God never expects anything from us. He is only longing for every moment we spend and will be spending with Him. He is not who we think He is, He is more than what we could imagine. And it is so comforting and encouraging to know that God is so powerful and yet He is fond of each one of us. It is not about religion or doctrine, it is a story about love. love of a father for his lost child. love of God for the human race. and our love for others.

Well, I could say a lot of things here but it still can't summarize the beauty of the book and how it inspired me. Hope you could grab a copy and be influenced by this wonderful book.


TóTómel said...

this is very interesting. i heard that it somehow had a similarity with Bunyam's Pilgrim. i have a copy of the Pilgrims and it was such a delightful read on how man should trust God in so many ways. although it is good to rely on our natural capabilities to overcome the burdens in life, it is still of necessity to acknowledge that there someone who could help us lighten it. And i mean nobody else but God.

i better have this on my shelf too. :) thanks for sharing this.

tijel said...

thanks's a really great book. I considered myself blessed because I was given the chance to read the book. It wasn't mine but I get to read the book first.
I hope you'll have the book soon!