Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year '09

Welcoming year 2009 was still exciting but not really that enjoyable like the previous years. Though we enjoyed lots of food on the table, we can't spend much time outside to light our fire crackers because of the rain. From the afternoon of December 31 until January 1, 2009, rain kept pouring on the Philippine archipelago. People in our town took advantage of the time whenever the rain stops to light up their "kwitis" and other fireworks.

We decided to have our New Year family devotion at around 9pm so we won't be disturb by the noise. Unfortunately rain stopped during this time so our neighbors went out of their houses and started to set off their firecrackers. Yet we have a great time during our devotional ;)

I waited for midnight and was excited to eat and watch our pinwheels, fountains and roman candles display different colors. It was still drizzling but we were too exciting to mind it. We slept at around 1:30 am, exhausted from the celebration and our stomachs full.


This picture was during the food festival in Barotac Viejo, there was a Christmas lantern contest and this one, for me, was the best of them all. It was neatly-done and has attractive lights.

The following pictures were taken during Pie's birthday at Racsos last January 3, 2009.

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