Sunday, July 27, 2008

happy thougths

It was quite a gloomy morning in our town today because of the dark clouds covering the sky. I dragged myself out of my bed and took a bath. I know I will be late for work but my mind doesn't seem to care. It was already 7am when I had my breakfast and my work is at 8am. It would be an hour and 30 min ride to my workplace. I waited for the van and thank God no rain has fallen on my head yet. I sat near the window to avoid the air condition to blow on my face. Passengers beside and behind me are busy chatting and doing their own business, while I look past the rice fields and houses on the roadside. Rain started to fall but little sunshine still made its way to my window. I tightened my jacket since it was getting colder inside the van, as rain pours outside.

My thoughts were on the time and my work, when I saw something outside the window. At first I thought it's just a reflection of that little sunshine, but when trees cleared my view, there it was above the fields and over the mountains. I saw the rainbow. It was a perfect bow.

My gloomy day turned gay. Happy thoughts started to fill my cluttered mind. I thought of the pot of gold, I even thought of a leprechaun! I thought of playing in the field with that colorful bow above my head. I though of dancing in the rain with my little sunshine and the rainbow watching over me. It's like magic, what can a sight of a rainbow do to my imagination. A smile started to paint on my face, but deep inside I know that joy radiates to my soul. It gave me peace. It gave me hope.

Now it's 11am. Laziness and boredom are eating my veins. I have to tell myself, think of that rainbow. I have to force myself, think of happy thoughts.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Are you from Apes?

As I was doing my usual tasks on social bookmarking, a friend from Digg, David Hallstrom, shouted to me his article and the title made me curious. So I read through it and something in it stirred some thoughts and it really made sense. Here's the article.

Why Can't The Theories of Evolution And Creationism Co-Exist?

I am not a scientist or a religious authority, therefore my question "Why Can't The Theories of Evolution And Creationism Co-Exist?" may seem unintelligent, however it seems to me that the theories of evolution and creationism can be merged.

It is my understanding that the theory of evolution basically holds that mankind evolved from a lower species over numerous generations through natural selection, gene flow, genetic drift and other selective forces.

It is my understanding that the theory of creationism basically holds that mankind, the earth and everything else was created by a supreme being or god.

When people say that "god created the heavens and the earth in six days and on the seventh he rested", who can say how long one of god's days is. Why are we so egotistical as to believe that his day is the same as ours. We don't know god (Most of us who believe in god do so because we want to not because we have proof.) but if there is a god why can't his, her or it's day be a thousand or a million or even several billion of our years.

Chapter 2, verse 7 of the book of Geneses states "then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being." It does not state how long this took or what form the being we call man originally took. God's image can be many things. We have no way of knowing. Additionally, although the bible is supposed to be the word of god, it was written by humans and therefore subject to human interpretation.

When we create something we start out with one thing and then add to it and alter it until we finish and with some creations, such as a garden, we never finish adding to and altering it. Who says that god could not have started with one cell and through evolution added to it and altered it until it became a human being. Who can say for sure that he, she or it is still not adding to and altering mankind. Who can say that god did not make us in such a way that we would continue to evolve without his, her or it's intervention. Who can say that the process is finished. Chapter 2 verse 1 of the book of Genesis states "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.". I have not found any place in the bible that states humans were finished.

It is said that "god created man in his own image". Since no one has ever seen god who can say what that image is. Who knows what humans will look like or how they will think in a thousand, ten thousand or one hundred thousand years. Maybe someday all humans will look and think exactly alike. Maybe someday all humans will merge into one being.

If there is a being powerful enough to create us then that being would be so far above us that we could not possibly understand it's thought processes or how it created or is creating us. We can not know what is intended for us or how or if things will end.

No human knows or understands everything. No human can state beyond all doubt that there is or isn't a god. No human is infallible. Anything is possible, even the possibility that evolution and creationism are part of the same process.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Inspiriation from Blog Hopping

I was blog hopping yesterday when I came across Carey's blog. Carey is a 50 year old retired fire fighter/emt/peace officer. The title of his first post did not quite interest me but what caught my attention was this so I scrolled down and read the entry. At first I thought it was just "another blog" but after I've read the post I knew it was extraordinary. Carey was also a cancer survivor and is recently working as a volunteer chaplain helping crime victims and victims of disasters. I asked him if I could repost his entry and he willingly said yes, so read on and be inspired.

Cramming For Finals

I was never one to attend to my studies as I should have while attending school. I had a tendency to procrastinate and ended up many times cramming for my exams. I would have been a better student and received better grades had I prepared myself well before my tests and assignments. I had far more potential than my grades indicated and had know one to blame but myself. I do not want to repeat this scenario in my Christian walk. I want to study to show myself approved and do my best in the Lord's service. I desire more than mediocrity and want to take advantage of the precious finite amount of time I have on this earth. Service to our Lord and Savior is the highest calling and we should have a keen desire to be the best we can be as His ambassadors. This Turning Point Ministry devotional addresses this well.

Every time a particular young boy went to his playmate's house, he noticed his friend's grandmother studying her Bible. Finally one day he asked,"Why is your grandmother always reading that Bible?' His friend answered," I don't know, but I think she is cramming for her finals."
In reality, that grandmother was doing exactly what we, as Christians, should all do: preparing for whatever task God had for her by studying His Word.
More often than not, it is the journey rather than the destination that matters most in life; for it is the lessons learned, the trials endured, and the truths discovered that mold our character and prepare us for that destination. If we desire more than a mediocre life, we must prepare in more than a mediocre way. "Winging it" doesn't bring about the best results, so we would do well to use the time God has given us along the way to prepare for what's ahead.

Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. Luke 12:40

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my ax. Abraham Lincoln