Sunday, July 27, 2008

happy thougths

It was quite a gloomy morning in our town today because of the dark clouds covering the sky. I dragged myself out of my bed and took a bath. I know I will be late for work but my mind doesn't seem to care. It was already 7am when I had my breakfast and my work is at 8am. It would be an hour and 30 min ride to my workplace. I waited for the van and thank God no rain has fallen on my head yet. I sat near the window to avoid the air condition to blow on my face. Passengers beside and behind me are busy chatting and doing their own business, while I look past the rice fields and houses on the roadside. Rain started to fall but little sunshine still made its way to my window. I tightened my jacket since it was getting colder inside the van, as rain pours outside.

My thoughts were on the time and my work, when I saw something outside the window. At first I thought it's just a reflection of that little sunshine, but when trees cleared my view, there it was above the fields and over the mountains. I saw the rainbow. It was a perfect bow.

My gloomy day turned gay. Happy thoughts started to fill my cluttered mind. I thought of the pot of gold, I even thought of a leprechaun! I thought of playing in the field with that colorful bow above my head. I though of dancing in the rain with my little sunshine and the rainbow watching over me. It's like magic, what can a sight of a rainbow do to my imagination. A smile started to paint on my face, but deep inside I know that joy radiates to my soul. It gave me peace. It gave me hope.

Now it's 11am. Laziness and boredom are eating my veins. I have to tell myself, think of that rainbow. I have to force myself, think of happy thoughts.


Anonymous said...

we can always find things to cheer us up...just look around,focus and you will see the beauty in all things -things that are beautiful enough to provide us reason to celebrate life..keep writing

tijel said...

thanks for the encouragement :)