Tuesday, September 25, 2007

keeping in touch

Today I was quite bored with my tasks ;) so I went blog hopping. I love reading blogs but I seldom leave a comment. Today I learned that every comment on blog posts ads color to a blogger's day. So I browsed some of my favorite blogs and leave a few words just to let them know I dropped by and I love their posts.

I think this simple act is not only applicable in blogs or friendster comments but it goes much deeper into relationships. It is keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones. Yes, they know we're here, they know we exist but there's nothing better than always telling your friends you appreciate them or letting them know you always care through text messages, emails, comments, a call or even a letter. These simple ways makes friendship and relationships stronger.

To all my friends, thank you! You've made me who I am today and I will always treasure every moment that we've spent.

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