Thursday, January 4, 2007

happy new year!

yahoo-yahoo!!!!! It's 2007, year of the pig according to the Chinese calendar. Does that mean we'll act like pigs do?uh-ohh....
A lot of predictions have been made for 2007..most of it are about the worsening politics in the Philippines..we'll even though they're not going to predict it, we're all sure politics will get worse.
Other predictions are about disasters brought by nature..floods, typhoons, earthquakes..
When we think of these things, it seems that 2007 will be the worst year ever. Try looking back on their predictions for 2006, they're almost the same..but hey it's 2007, that means we survived.
Despite of all these negative predictions each year, we were able to made it through 2007. Now we are facing another set of negative vibrations and more hurdles to pass, yet I pray that we will all survive this year.
Pigs symbolize greediness, but unlike them we need not be greedy to be successful. Greediness is the root of failure. So this year of the pig, we should prune all those pig-like attitude that we keep in ourselves and be more optimistic of the future, trusting God to give us a discerning spirit for all decisions that we're going to make.
Faith is all we need to survive each passing year, letting God take care of things we can't handle, giving God all the right to be in control of our lives and humbling ourselves before our creator by acknowledging that we are nothing without Him.
So I pray that we all have a year full of colors, smiles, tears of success and more love in our hearts.

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