Tuesday, November 7, 2006


I have always been interested in making a blog..so i'l have a place to keep a record of my thoughts and just anything that interests me..well I have made this blog for my personal use, i also have a friendster blog and an account on tagged. God was really listening to that little wish i made and gave me overflowing answers hahahahaa..now i'm stucked with 200+ blogs to maintain, since that's my task for my client..it's nice, it's interesting, it's fun--but at times, it's getting boring ang blogger is always under maintenance..so I easily get bored and impatient with it.
Well, as a whole, I enjoyed this work especially at times when I post to all the blogs. I also have the chance to edit and update my personal blogs.
ok..I think this is it for now..have to add linksmaster accounts to all my blogs hehe :)

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